Former U.S. Ambassador Tom Schieffer came to Austin yesterday to shop his likely candidacy for Texas Governor to the media.   But one of the sidelights of his background did not make the Statesman.

While a student at the University of Texas in the early sixties, Schieffer worked in the mailroom of Governor John Connally, along with other to-become-well-known Austin personalities Nick Kralj and Joe Longley.  The Ambassador joked that “we used to tell people that ‘we handle paroles’ That really meant that we carried paperwork back and forth between Ethel Weitzel’s office in the Reagan Building (Pardons and Paroles) and Mike Myers in the Capitol (Connally’s aide)”

A more serious Schieffer has cited his concern for education in Texas as his motivation for running for Governor,an echo of the battle cry that John Connally sounded as he ran for that office 47 years ago.

— Julian Read