The passing of famed trial lawyer and University of Texas benefactor Joe Jamail this week brought back  memory of a personal experience when he used his notable power or persuasion with me on behalf of his longtime friend Coach Darrell Royal.

My PR firm produced Coach Royal’s weekly television shows over several of the golden years. In 1969, as the Longhorns won the national championship,, we sold and produced a one hour statewide TV special, titled “We’re Number One!’

When we sat down to review the financial settlement on the show, Coach Royal had one memory of our agreement on our respective shares of the income while I had another. Predictably, disagreement ensured.

Shortly afterward, I heard from  my personal attorney Howard Rose  with a terse message.
“Joe Jamail just called and said you need to re-remember your deal with Darrell.”
The inference was clear. And the prospect of a date at the courthouse with one of the most feared lawyers in the country was    not appealing.
So upon further search of my memory, I concluded that indeed Darrell had a better one, and he was right .

-Julian Read

Coach Royal and I become the best of friends and remained so until his death. And my firm Read-Poland later was retained to do publicity for Joe Jamail’s book.