With the 50th Anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy approaching this November, I have written a small book recounting my personal experiences as an eye witness to that tragedy.  As a representative of Texas Governor John Connally to the national media for the trip to Texas, I was in the ill-fated Dallas motorcade. I vividly remember hearing the three shots only a few hundred feet away that changed the course of history.

I write about that unreal moment, the scene of panic on Dealey Plaza, and the shock of thousands  awaiting the president for the lunceon that never happened  while  John Kennedy was dying at Parkland Hospital barely a mlle away.  I go on to trace the long journey from angish and shame for Dallas and Texas to reconciliation and long-delayed honor for the president being manifested for the 50th Annivesary.

The book is scheduled for delivery around October 1, and will be available in both print and ebook format. It has just gone up on Amazon for advance sale.  i will report on it in more detail pror to that date.

–Julian Read