Bob Banta’s tribute to Matt Martinez Jr. of Matt’s El Rancho in Monday’s Austin American-Statesman,  following the junior Matt’s passing in Dallas, quoted former Texas Land Commissioner Bob Armstrong as one of several Austin affectionados of the legendary  Tex-Mex palace, established by Matt Sr. back in 1952.

But Bob modestly failed to mention that one of the popular restaurant’s tastiest favorites of  insiders is named after him. There is a longstanding difference of opinion on who came up with the idea of  jazzing  traditional  Con Queso with a scoop of Guacamole and a dab of taco meat– whether it was Matt Jr. or Bob. Whatever, it became known as  Bob Armstrong Dip–an appetizer to die for.

Even in today’s contentious legislative climate,  both Republicans and Democrats  who frequent the South Lamar tradition agree on non-partisan Bob Armstrong Dip.  With the Photo ID  brawl facing the House this week, Speaker Joe Straus should have the House meet as a Committee of the  Whole at Matt’s and discuss their differences over bowls of the delicacy and some cold beers.  Who knows what agreements might result. 

Austinites will treasure warm memories of Matt Jr, and wish the best to sisters Gloria, Cathy and Cecilia as they carry on Matt Sr’s family tradition.

                                                                                              –Julian Read