Wednesday Morning Wisdom

March 6, 2009

The Waterloo Ice House on 38th street just west of Lamar in Austin has become home of a weekly Wednesday morning  roundtable of  several notable Austinites who have left their marks on Texas political history.

The breakfast clubbers  include former Governor John Connally staff members John Mobley and Terrell Blodgett, retired LBJ Library honcho Harry Middleton, former LBJ staffer Jim Wilson and long-ago Texas legislators Bill Abbington of Fort Worth and George Nokes of Waco, along with retired executive Frank Cahill. And I am their latest invited member.

Founded by the late Congressman Jake Pickle, the  weekly conflab is a refugee from the sadly assassinated Holiday House, victim of the  Wicked Witch of  Tarrytown Center. Blodgett recalls that “we interviewed for a new home all over West Austin and  The Waterloo Ice House was the only place that would take us.”   Small wonder: the most requested breakfast order is oatmeal.  Not surprisingly, the favorite  subject of conversation is politics, and there is no shortage of opinions.

–Julian Read

4 Responses to “Wednesday Morning Wisdom”

  1. Read Hoffman Says:

    This is a really neat idea. I have already added it to my favorites and look forward to reading more!

  2. Marla Mathews Says:

    Hi Julian-

    This is GREAT! Now….where is the book??? Are you recording the breakfast meetings? I’m not going to let you forget.

    Look forward to all the great posts!


  3. cannatti Says:

    Now that is a great mix of Austin – old and new. What better way to unite your readers than by bringing back memories of chicken fried steak and those wonderful Holiday House burgers and fries. And top it off with talking Texas politics with folks who remember when.

    It is great seeing you again Julian – I too look forward to your insights, much as I did when we had time visit when you were helping those nice EFT folks.

    Consider it bookmarked for the daily read.


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